Terms and Conditions

The University Press Halle-Wittenberg postulates the following Terms and Conditions and concedes the following rights of revocation and rights to return:
If you want to activate an order to our company via the online shop, the following terms and conditions are valid. We send you a printed version of them on demand. If you have differing conditions we do not accept them unless we agreed explicitly in written form.

1.    Ordering

The ordering process consists of the following steps.
First, you chose a designated product and place it in your “Shopping Cart/Basket”. Secondly, you go to “Checkout” and enter information about the ordering and your address. After you have checked and changed your data where applicable and you have clicked the button “accept terms and conditions”, you activate the ordering.

2.    Confirmation of receipt and declaration of acceptance

You receive an Email for confirmation containing your order that can be archived. The offers of the University Press are subject to confirmation and not binding; the contract of sale concerning the selected article(s) shall be concluded when the Publisher accepts the order by sending a confirmation of receipt or by delivery of the goods.

Terms of delivery

1.    Delivery, Prices,  delivery charges and reservation of property rights
a)    Available articles shall be sent immediately to your given address. If an article is not available anymore, you shall receive a message. You will then have the opportunity to cancel your order. We will inform you about not yet published articles which are noted down for you, if interested.
b)    All prices at the time of ordering are valid. All prices of the University Press are final prices inclusive VAT.
c)    For all delivery throughout Germany there are no delivery charges to be paid. For delivery in other countries we bill the following delivery charges.

Number of ordered articles        Europe        World 1*    World 2**
1 Copy                                            8 EUR        11 EUR        11 EUR
Up to 3 Copies                             15 EUR        30 EUR        30 EUR
Up to 10 Copies                           20 EUR        35 EUR        50 EUR
Over 10 Copies                            35 EUR       100 EUR      150 EUR
    *World 1: USA, Canada, North Africa, Middle East
    **World 2: other countries, which are not part of World 1 and Europe.

Import duty and customs duties

By ordering from abroad, potentially additional customs duties or import duties are incurred. These costs are at your expense; the University Press has influence neither on these duties nor on their amount.
d)    The delivered articles are property of the University Press until the invoice is completely paid. The deadline of payment is noted on the invoice.  Payments are to be made without deduction on the account of the UVHW.

3) Ordering and supply over the book trade

    By ordering over the book trade their terms and conditions are valid.

4) Right of revocation
Instructions for revocation
Revocation: You can cancel your contract explanation in written form (e.g. letter, fax, Email) or by return of the article(s) without declaration of reason within two weeks. This time limit starts as earliest after receipt of these instructions. In order to meet the deadline the dispatch of the revocation or the article(s) in time is sufficient. The revocation or the dispatch of the article(s) shall be sent to

Universitätsverlag Halle-Wittenberg UG
Große Ulrichstraße 25
06108 Halle (Saale)

Revocation consequences
In case of an effective revocation the received performances on both sides shall be given back. If you cannot give back the received performance(s) completely or only partly or only in a deteriorated condition you shall atone. This is not valid for the abandonment of articles, if the deterioration of the article(s) is solely attributed to its inquiry – as it had been possible for you in the bookstore. Besides, you can avoid the obligation to compensate by using the article(s) not as owner und neglect anything which might debase it.

Articles ready for parcel shipment are to be returned at our peril. You bear the costs for return, if the delivered good does correspond the ordered one and if the price of the returned article does not surpass an amount of 40 Euro. If the article does cost more than 40 Euro and you have not paid the full amount of money or a contractual agreed installment at the time of the revocation, you shall bear the costs of return, too. Otherwise, the return is free of charge and packable articles are to be returned by mail at our costs and our peril. Obligations for refunding must be made within 30 days. The deadline shall start for you by sending your declaration of revocation or the article, for us it shall start by reception.

Articles not made for parcel shipment shall be collected from your house.

In case of an effective revocation the University Press refunds an already paid purchase price to the customer.

5) Privacy

We, the University Press Halle-Wittenberg, take the protection of your personal data very seriously and abide by the rules of the data protection acts. Personal data will be collected only to the technical necessary extent on this website. In no case, the collected data will be sold or passed to third parties for any reasons.
The following declaration shall give you an overview of how we guarantee this privacy and what kind of data will be collected for which reasons.

Data processing

We collect and save automatically in Server Log Files Information which is transferred to us by your browser. These are:

-    Type/Version of the browser
-    Used system software (operating software)
-    Referrer URL (previously visited webpage
-    Hostname of used computers (IP Address)
-    Time of server information request

These data cannot be referred to any particular person. The junction of these data with other data resources shall not be made. More importantly, the data is going to be deleted after a statistical analysis.
You may ask for saved data at any time by sending an Email or pose other questions referring to data protection to mail@uvhw.de.


We offer you a subscription of our newsletter.  Therefore we call for your agreement by using the Double-Opt-In-Method. That means we only send you the newsletter if you confirm your registration after disclosing your Email address and use the link we sent you by email. We want to make sure that you as the only user of this Email address can register with the given Email address for the newsletter-service. If you subscribe for the newsletter, you will be informed about news and offerings on a regular basis via Email. In case you do not want to make use of this service anymore in the future, you can contact us at any time. The cancellation can be made by an option in the newsletter. We will delete your data immediately.

6. Place of fulfillment and place of jurisdiction

Place of fulfillment is Halle/Saale. The Place of jurisdiction during intercourse with merchants, juristic persons in public law or fund assets regulated by public law is Halle/Saale, too.